Fitness Challenge


I am SO thrilled that you just took a peek into this page – because it means you have your MIND set on making a change, and that is the FIRST step to seeing results. So, first .. let’s talk TRAINERS!


Our programs are lead by AMAZING trainers who know how to keep you MOTIVATED even when you’re watching them on television. They’re inspiring, motivating, supportive, and best of all – EFFECTIVE. And, they’re ALL totally different. Some are cardio focused while others provide weight training programs, some are dance lovers & others are pilates/yoga teachers! Some of them can do it ALL. The goal, is to connect with me – your coach – to see which trainer fits YOUR needs best!

Every month, I run one to two fitness groups ALL through a mobile app called “My Challenge Tracker”. This means, you find a program that works for you, combine it with Shakeology, and we stay in touch every single day to make sure your program doesn’t collect dust on your TV stand.  You’ll log your workouts, your nutrition, and your progress toward your goals. After all, this is an INVESTMENT and my goal is to help you stay accountable!

To browse the Challenge Pack options – click on this banner!

Take a peek at what we call the “Beachbody Challenge” & reach out if you want to take part in our next fitness challenge within Aspire Nation!

In July 0f 2016 we celebrated SUCCESS at Beachbody’s annual SUMMIT event. Take a peek at just TWO of the success stories that were shared! Can you relate?


21 Day Fix

The Masters; Hammer & Chisel

22 Minute Hard Corps

Focus T25



If you want to browse the programs before connecting with me, you can do so by clicking the banner below. However, I highly recommend contacting me so we can discuss which programs are the right fit for YOU. This will depend on the time you have during the day, the TYPE of workout you enjoy, and the results you’re hoping to obtain. So, don’t be shy! Let’s chat!

If you’re an avid gym-goer, love to leave your house and get involved socially – we have a new opportunity for you to stream a program to your mobile device. This way, you’ll see RESULTS at the gym, rather than wasting your time on the elliptical. If this is something that interests you, take a peek at the CLUB & SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK option right below!