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When I started my journey coaching, I had ZERO idea of what it really could turn into. As you may have read already, I started my journey as a customer using The Ultimate Reset program. Once I saw success, my coach invited me onto her team to pay it forward since I already had belief in the products. At first, I thought it was a great way to earn some extra income along-side of my full-time income as a speech-language pathologist (SLP).

Two years later, I was able to leave my full-time position as an SLP and start designing my life of FREEDOM. But, that wasn’t before I learned how much this opportunity can REALLY provide for me, my husband, and my future family.

This journey is about staying accountable to health & fitness & paying it forward. BUT, it’s also about the emotional development, professional & personal development, community, positivity, and FUN. I don’t know of ANY other job that sends you on all-expense paid vacations with 10,000 of your friends!

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Technically, coaches are “network marketers” which is actually growing into one of the MOST successful careers of our generation! But, we don’t like to think of it that way necessarily, because our job only BEGINS when we help a customer/challenger get started. So, we are professional online health & fitness COACHES!

As a coach there are things called “vital behaviors”. This is as simple as;
1. Being proof the programs work
2. Inviting others to join your challenges & your team
3. Committing to ongoing personal development

Once you master these daily, your business can develop as you desire! The beauty of this opportunity is that only YOU determine the time you dedicate to it & the success of your business. New coaches may spend as little as 5-6 hours a week on the business, while full-time coaches can easily spend 20-30 (or more if they desire!). But, the beauty is – they can also NOT work those hours, and spend time with their families and traveling, because this business begins to work itself at a certain point!

Don’t worry – when you start coaching, you have NUMEROUS support systems in place to help you learn & succeed. You become part of Aspire Nation, and we’re here to train you and support your journey the ENTIRE way!

Take a peek at coaches Chelsea and Rob Pearson – they have seen AMAZING success in their businesses and have an inspirational story to back them. But remember – you don’t have to relate to them exactly to be successful in this business. There are LOADS of success stories from this opportunity that may inspire you!



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