The Retreat of a Lifetime


Over the last year I had worked towards my goals, which in turn created a life of freedom & limitless potential. During that time, each milestone I achieved was rewarded with the promise of an amazing weekend away with the team, full of laughter, emotions, and insight. And, my coach certainly delivered.


We arrived Thursday evening to a BEAUTIFUL home on Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire. It was JAW-DROPPING with 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, complete with a GORGEOUS kitchen, movie theater, and PUB on the entertainment floor. But it wasn’t only about the flashy objects this weekend – it was MUCH more than that.

We spent Thursday night reconnecting with teammates, welcoming friends, and sharing components of our businesses as health & fitness coaches. Friday, we were surprised with a stand-up paddle board YOGA session on the lake! It was AMAZING and highly recommended. It may even be one of my new favorite past-times! Now.. just to find my own board 😉


Friday was PACKED with fun but also inspiration. We heard from one of the top coaches in the company on how to persevere & what it takes to BELIEVE in the opportunity. We were greeted by a corporate mentor who looks BEYOND the business and digs deep into your personal business & goals for the future. He outlined exactly how to regroup & focus in on what is important to each of us. He spoke passionately about his family & the life lessons he learns from his children who live with Fragile X syndrome. He had us in tears with emotion and in smiles of inspiration.

Friday night, we gathered in the movie theater to hear what it was that drives each coach to pursue this opportunity. We all started without really knowing the potential, but there was a glimmer of hope. That glimmer has since exploded into fireworks as we continue to learn WHAT this opportunity does for so many people.

Coaches within our very own team shared stories that can relate to so many. Coaches who had experienced abandonment, heartache, brain tumors, rape, abuse, health issues, self-detriment, and those who were raised without traumatic experiences who got so wrapped up in corporate lifestyles and OTHER’s dreams, that they used this opportunity to find themselves again. THIS is not a cookie-cutter model. It is certainly not one-size fits all. There is something for everyone.

Coaches were sobbing with empathy for hours as we listened, truly listened to the places each coach came from. And in each story, there was a piece that another coach could relate to, which built stronger relationships amongst all of us.

Saturday morning we woke up ready to tackle the day! We fired up our 22 minute hard corps workout on the deck of the lakehouse (which was a little too hot if you ask me!)  Crushed it in 22 minutes, and it was time to get BEAUTIFIED for our photo shoot!

One of the perks of these events is typically a photoshoot to provide us with marketing material as we build our BRAND! So, hair, makeup & fashion all morning as we prepped for our shoot! I look forward to seeing the final products from our Photographer Shawna Shenette!


The spoiling never ended. I wish I took more pictures but we were greeted by a personal chef that night, who served us a 3 course dinner with a delicious spinach salad, Thai Chicken wraps, and a salmon entree. Topped up with raspberry sorbet for dessert! (YES! Coaches eat dessert!) 😉

By the end of dinner, the team was DRAINED both physically & emotionally. The best part of these events are the connections that develop, the bonds that form, and the support each of us gain from one another. Its not everyday you can put 15-20 women together without a speck of drama or judgment. THIS is what its all about. Lifting each other up, supporting one another, and understanding nobody’s journey is the same.

Coaching is rewarding every single day – but the friendships created along the way are GOLDEN.

A very big, special THANK YOU to Elizabeth & Michael for spoiling us with a weekend of luxury, but more so for casting the vision and setting the bar for where this opportunity can take each of us. Another successful retreat in the books!!