ExPro-SAHM Strong Challenge

Hey, Ex Professional turned Stay At Home MOM….

Let’s CHAT! 

  • we actually don’t sit around eating bon-bons all day
  • going back to work for a week would feel like a vacation
  • our roles & responsibilities are endless; everything IS in fact our job.
  • we thought our lunch breaks were too short then…
  • there’s nowhere to request a personal day
  • we can’t get by with ‘looking busy’
  • there’s no longer any sense of normalcy to our days
  • our spouses seem to have it easy
  • society turns their noses up to SAHMs who complain about a hard day.
  • we no longer earn a paycheck yet its the hardest work we’ll ever do!

I GET IT! I’ve been the ex-professional turned new-mom figuring out how to transition from corporate to SAHM life.

After the standard maternity leave ended, and I remained the primary caregiver for my little guy, it didn’t take long to miss the routine of going to work (for a break!) and coming home to enjoy time as a mom. I’d laugh at comments on social media about how easy stay at home moms have it! Undoubtedly, I was grateful everyday that I wasn’t rushed in the morning to get out the door, and didn’t have to experience the guilt (albeit unnecessary) that many friends have felt leaving their 12 week old with someone else for the day.  But, things had changed, and I was working harder than EVER in my new role as mom, yet… I wasn’t earning income for it OR recognition for a job well done. This new role was demanding. Not only were my passions put aside to step into this life, but also my wellness as I navigated life as a home-maker, mom, wife, and living zombie.

There came a point in my journey as an ex-professional turned new mom that I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. I wasn’t satisfied with being “just a mom” but I refused to actually go BACK to work. So I had to make a change to focus on things that filled my cup during the day and provided a sense of PURPOSE beyond the thankless role of mom.

I made a point to dig in to my health & wellness journey no matter how tired I was. I needed a way to escape the constant caregiving and devote time to my own needs, guilt-free. I needed a way to do it without requiring a long commute, a babysitter, or an expensive trainer.

I started working out at home. I started with 22 minute workouts because that was all I could squeeze in during naptimes. I began paying just as much attention to my own nutrition as I was my baby’s, but made sure to keep it simple & realistic. I began digging in to personal development books & podcasts, and meditation at night to reconnect to things that filled my cup & inspired passion.

It didn’t take long at all to feel a shift in my at-home attitude! Just a few months postpartum and I was feeling like I had PURPOSE again. Each day, a commitment to a workout, personal growth, and “me time”. And, since my journey in wellness was tied to an opportunity to pay this forward, I was able to set a vision and goals for establishing a greater sense of purpose in the home. Despite being busy, struggling for time to just simply shower, I found I was passionate about building a business from home. A way to connect with others, put my creativity to work, and ensure I was generating income to contribute to the family again while being able to stay home with my little guy.

I want to pay this feeling forward.

I am looking for SERIOUS and MOTIVATED mamas who are ready to invest in themselves, take control of their LIFE, and commit to being #ExProSAHM-STRONG with me!

  • A year of access to the programs you need to make the fitness component a NO BRAINER at home.
  • Nutrition made SUPER simple for busy moms on the go who no longer have 30 minute lunch breaks.
  • Recommendations in mindfulness to decompress after a long day at home.
  • A FREE community of support, recipes, inspiration, and more to carve out the 25th Hour in your day.
  • New mama-friends connecting on social media to support YOU.
  • 1:1 online support from me, a fellow ex-pro turned SAHM who’s BEEN THERE.
  • *An option to build a business, pursue a passion, & generate a stream of income from HOME.

Are you ready to get #ExProSAHM-STRONG

I can only work with a limited number of SAHMs at a time, in order to be able to give each of you the one on one support that you need.

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