Sneak Peek

Welcome to the Sneak Peek into Beachbody Coaching. In here, you’ll be able to access various posts about commonly asked questions. Hopefully, you find a lot of the answers! Once you complete the training, connect with your future upline sponsor (the person who referred you here) or with me to get started on your journey! And, if it’s not for you – that’s ok too. But be sure to connect with them to let them know either way!


I am Annalisa Hurley, founder of Aspire Nation and I am so excited to work with two leaders within our team that you will be hearing from in this sneak peek! Both of which have gone on to develop their own teams, Fit Union and Dedication Nation. One, a full-time wife, mom & teacher, the other a recent graduate school grad, full time social worker, and very busy auntie! Together, our goal is to answer questions that MANY potential coaches have prior to diving in.

There is no obligation at all after browsing these videos. The point is for you to tune into some brief videos, and discuss with your coach any questions that may come up! 

Our mission is to help others design a life based on helping others achieve their goals in health, fitness, and business. We can show you how to do the same, and have this opportunity fit into YOUR life. This isn’t a cookie-cutter business!

If you are ALREADY in the FITNESS INDUSTRY, we’ll show you how to ADD this tool of Beachbody products and support to your toolbox to reach more people and earn another stream of income.

If you are NOT in the fitness industry, we’ll show you how to get started on your health & fitness journey, or by turning an already hobby into a passion and income.

More than anything you’ll get a feel for if THIS is the right opportunity for you. There is never a perfect time to start something new in life. We are all busy, we all have families, jobs and other demands in life. This opportunity can change ALL of those things, even if you never knew you wanted to. Excited to work with you tonight, thanks for joining us!

And please, don’t forget to ask the person who sent you this training ANY questions that come up! I recommend having a notebook nearby, so you can jot down questions as they come up and be prepared for a conversation with your future upline sponsor.

PART 1 –  Why Coach?

Read the post, watch the video and jot down any questions that come up! This is a self paced journey so watch the videos in order, as you have time. Your upline will be checking in with you throughout the next couple days. 

A huge part of joining our team is working with amazing, driven people across the country – we consider ourselves family, we are there to encourage each other, teach and learn from each other, and share our successes to help others build strong businesses out of this opportunity, and even stronger friendships!

Keep an open mind!

Just like we believe fitness is for everyone, so is coaching!! You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a local 5K, right?

There is someone out there who is in a similar spot to you who YOUR story and journey will help!

Likewise, everyone “runs” their online fitness and nutrition business differently, according to their skills.

We learn from each other. We share best practices — from writing effective social media posts to marketing fitness challenges to better time management.

This is a business and YOU are your OWN CEO. Wow!

More than 90% of people work for someone else. This is your chance to have your nest egg, to enjoy the freedom of creating your schedule, work environment and a life by YOUR design.

2 Key points, read both! One of them should speak to you!

  1. You do NOT have to be an expert in fitness or nutrition. You will use your own story, your own struggles and successes to inspire others to take action. (How did you lose weight, how do you stay motivated, how did you get to quit your corporate job and stay home with your kids).
  1. If you ARE an expert in fitness or nutrition, awesome! This type of coach will grow their existing fitness business with a powerful strategic partnership with Beachbody. You can include your OWN fitness and nutrition tips in your challenge groups and use some Beachbody programs or products to fill in the gaps (everyone can benefit from a nutrient dense shake!) You will continue to promote your OWN brand (YOU!) and supplement your income with online coaching and nutrition. You don’t work for Beachbody, you use their premium products, brand recognition, marketing and compensation plan to grow your reach and income. It’s a savvy move!

What do we all have in common? We all offer encouragement and support. We all help people get results in health and fitness. We all invite others to work with us (not for us) in the business.

What skills do you need? A successful coach on our team needs to be a positive, self-motivated, has a desire to better themselves, and wants to help others. We will teach you the rest and will customize a plan of action according to YOUR skills and YOUR goals.

PART 2 –   A Day In The Life of a Coach & Time Management

So, you MIGHT be curious as to WHAT exactly coaches do… or maybe you think you know what we do, but might be surprised here! You see, it’s not JUST posting fitness tips, sweaty selfies, and selling fitness programs. There is a lot more to it! The good news is that you can start your business in as LITTLE as 60 minutes a day of focused work, called a POWER HOUR. So, if you’re working full time currently, WE GET IT! That’s how we started too.

If you think you don’t have 30-60 minutes a day, you’re wrong. The 30 minutes can be divided up into 15 minute segments if necessary! Or, you can start to think about what you can do to carve out 30 focused minutes of time – maybe it’s getting up a little earlier or going to bed a little later! Maybe it’s asking your spouse to take on one extra chore around the house to help you start a business. Maybe it’s giving up on Real Housewives or the Bachelor to get some work done! (Trust me, IT’S WORTH IT!)

As your mentors, we TEACH you how to be productive in that 30-60 minutes. So, you’re not on your own trying to figure it out. Beachbody provides us with very specific recommendations on HOW to build your business.

Tune in and hear just what I’m talking about!

NOTE: If you are already a trainer, you may focus on sharing Shakeology with your current clients, running nutritional challenges, and SUPPLEMENTING your client’s visits with a home program! It may vary a bit for you. But, we know how to help!



If you are like me when I was thinking about signing up, I was SO nervous….Because I thought, Ok, I’m going to sign up and never understand anything, and not have any help and just “be on my own”…Boy was I wrong!!

The good thing about choosing a SOLID TEAM is KNOWING that you are going to have more resources and support than you could imagine. Some sign up and don’t even have a team to be part of, and that can be scary. But not in this case!! Here are just a few things we personally do and offer our coaches upon signing up:

Being a successful coach happens by getting MY coaches to their goals for sure!

* You’re added to our team page with tons of documents and templates.

* You’re added to our personally sponsored coach page and we share tips constantly.

* New coach getting started right call, within 2 weeks of signing up.

* New coach welcome email sent with our team info and first steps as well as a new coach checklist.

* New coach trainings

* Push groups to help coaches go Emerald and Diamond and above!

And then there are the systems Beachbody has given us to help with trainings and information, this is something we can personalize and use as we find it necessary!


I know many of you want and NEED to know how to earn because this is a big part of why you’re deciding to coach! Listen, we get it – you want to help people. AWESOME! Thats what we do… but WHY do YOU want to help people using THIS MODALITY? To build a business! You are becoming an ENTREPRENEUR, isn’t that COOL? And network marketing is a RIDICULOUSLY FAST growing career. So, get excited!

You can earn retail commission by sharing programs with customers. The BIG MONEY comes in when you start to build a team of coaches who want the same things as you in life… FREEDOM. Freedom of schedule, freedom of time, freedom of finances, freedom from CORPORATE! Sound familiar?

Think of it this way – you can own a store and sell a product, or you can own a FRANCHISE and have your stores doing the same. Which would you rather? Tune into our favorite goof-ball Michael Neimand as he explains how we earn moola as coaches. There are tons of components that you might be surprised to hear.. And some might be overwhelming. Ask anything!

Don’t worry about RANK ADVANCING yet – that comes in training when you decide to coach. But, it’s not that hard! So, know that the payout of DIAMOND and STAR DIAMOND is not impossible by any means.

** Note: You may not believe this, but coaches are earning anywhere between $0 a week (if they don’t pursue the business) to (get ready for this…) FIFTEEN THOUSAND + per WEEK! Which one are you inspired by? The only difference is AMBITION & MOTIVATION.

Beachbody does NOT guarantee any level of success. That’s up to YOU to create!


 A huge staple of Beachbody is Shakeology.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, and maybe you haven’t, but if you were anything like me in the beginning, you may not see what the big deal is surrounding this shake.

At first, I didn’t understand the VALUE of Shakeology, but once I opened my mind and tried it for myself, I became a believer like so many others.

Shakeology is not a weight loss shake- although weight loss is a great side effect, when you replace one meal per day with it- but rather, a nutrient-dense health shake. Shakeology helped me reach a healthy weight, but I still drink it daily because of how I FEEL when I incorporate it into my diet.

Shakeology is a convenient and delicious way to make sure my body is getting all of it’s nutrients, and when you are constantly on the go like so many of us are, that’s huge!

As a coach, my customers that utilize Shakeology along with our fitness programs see the best, and most lasting, results.

Enjoy this funny little video from P90X creator and celebrity trainer, Tony Horton, as he shares the value of drinking Shakeology.

First, watch the video and then read about why we feel so good about sharing Shakeology.

Shakeology 101: Your daily dose of dense nutrition.

What’s in it?

Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals to help reduce hunger and food cravings

Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help detoxify and protect the body against damage

Adaptogen Herbs to help increase energy and combat stress

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and Digestive Enzymes to aid digestion and promote regularity

What’s NOT in it?

Junk! No soy, gluten, caffeine, artificial colors or flavors

Let us know below if you love Shakeology as much as we do!

PART 6: 5 Top Myths, DEBUNKED!

So, you guys have seen what we do as coaches, how we earn, some of the extra incentives, and heard about products we love. You may be thinking, “I could totally do this!”

Some of you, however, may still be on the fence and feel like you need some more information. When I first considered coaching, I unfortunately made some incorrect assumptions about becoming a coach, and they held me back for awhile!

So, it’s time for us to BUST some myths for you!

Please watch the following video, and hopefully you’ll feel a lot better about the coaching opportunity after you do. 



PART 7 : Additional Incentives

So, you’ve learned a lot about what we do as coaches, and hopefully considered how this opportunity would fit into YOUR life. To put the icing on the cake, I want to tell you about the events that I briefly mentioned earlier on in my video on a typical day in coach life.

One of the BEST parts of Beachbody is the COMMUNITY. Before coaching, I never had so many like-minded, passionate, warm-hearted friends. Being on the same mission is rewarding and EXCITING as we build relationships and get to know people that we probably would have never met otherwise!

So, one of my favorite parts of this journey is the EVENTS we are able to attend. As I mentioned, there are events every three months in your neck of the woods, they are called Super Saturday and they are a place to meet up with local teams, work out, learn whats going on in the business, hear success stories, get inspired, and just have FUN. They are not required, but highly recommended!

Team Aspire Nation hosts DIAMOND RETREATS for the leaders on the team, the first one kicked off November 2016 in Falmouth, MA at a beautiful beach-house! This is an opportunity for coaches to earn a free weekend getaway for team building & business development.

The BIGGEST event of the year is called SUMMIT and it’s typically in July. This is a place where the ENTIRE Beachbody community gets together (previously in Vegas and Nashville) to CELEBRATE for an entire weekend and more importantly LEARN from the TOP leaders of the company, and get inspired to come home and put it into ACTION! We also get to work out with the trainers, like Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Autumn Calabrese, & Tony Horton.  The energy is AMAZING and this event is worth spending your FINAL pennies on, because it will pay off ten-fold.

In addition, there is an opportunity to earn all expense paid VACATIONS to tropical places. Over the last few years I personally have been to Cancun, Bahamas, and Jamaica JUST for achieving very manageable milestones in my business. AND, my husband got to come along! These trips are strictly FUN & PLAY, with an opportunity to meet more coaches & develop amazing friendships.

Like I said, the community is my favorite part of this opportunity. This video is just a GLIMPSE into the fun we have at events, so take a peek and see if you can envision yourself there with us!



I hope that you have enjoyed the Sneak Peek experience and have had many if not all of your questions answered. We are truly passionate about what we do as coaches and believe 100% in the opportunity so we look forward to paying it forward to YOU! Be sure to connect with your coach and let them know you are READY to become a CEO!